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American Sniper is directed by the one and only Clint Eastwood and stars Bradley Cooper that shows the true story of Chris Kyle – a sniper who is on record as the deadliest sniper ever with the most confirmed kills. It takes us through the various tours that he went on as well as his family life with his wife played by Sienna Miller. Now she is very excited to watch American Sniper online and went through a lot of different hands at one point.

David O. Russell was considering breaking this movie and then Steven Spielberg was not chosen for director and now it’s being directed by Clint Eastwood who for quite some time has been one of the best directors ever. However he’s kind of in the middle lovin in streak Jersey Boys, I thought it was really bad because J. Edgar was buried near and this movie is good.
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Is American Sniper great?

I don’t think it is because there’s a lot of different things this movie doesn’t explore that would have made it so much better. Bradley Cooper is amazing, he gives an excellent subdued and nuanced performance. He is termed graphic scimitar, he looks very good, the action sequences are fairly well handled, there is definitely some suspense and some heart pounding scenes in the film.

However Eastwood takes a very black-and-white approach to this movie despite the fact the subject matter is kind of a gray area. There’s a lot of controversy surrounding this movie in the fact that a lot of people don’t really think that this man should be idolized because he have said so many things in his own biography. The movie doesn’t explore any of that, it basically paints him as a perfect war hero who rescued a lot of people’s lives. It doesn’t really go into the more deep and darker aspects of what post-traumatic stress syndrome can do to someone and how this can truly affect him.

There are scenes that definitely show that he is a wounded man but the film doesn’t explore any of the emotions that it really couldn’t think. It just becomes a procedural look and his tours said he went on: and you don’t really learn much about anything about any of the other characters. Chris Kyle played by Cooper is by far the only interesting character in the movie, everyone else just kinda seems to be like this side character presence.

Now, I don’t really have an opinion on this subject because I’m neutral, I don’t like having a pending on things that I was in there for. I’m just saying that the film could have explored considerably more emotional elements, it could have gone deeper into them and Psyche. He could have explored so much more at an emotional level and it would have been such a more interesting film that’s what I’m saying. I’m not saying that the actual person should receive some praise for his heroic axe, hell no! What I’m saying is the film itself really could have gone deeper.

The action sequences truly are hard pounding and Cooper does terrific work. I really think that American Sniper is a film that really deserves a Best Picture nomination. I really think that is the best pictures in the year, I think that is a fine film but that it doesn’t explore any of the emotional places that it could have gone in. For that reason I’m going to watch American Sniper at least one more time.

What are your thoughts on American Sniper? I don’t think it is nearly as good as it could have been, I think there are terrific performances and some very good action sequences but it just comes off as a procedural drama that looks at certain times in his life and it doesn’t really reflect on the true death to the motion that it could have gotten into. I don’t think it’s a bad film, don’t get me wrong… I just think it could have been much more better.

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A great era for corny movies and predictable romances. At least, that is the stereotype. Yes, it it possible to always tell an 80’s movie from the 2000’s. There is something just so unique about them, you can’t possibly mistake it for a different era.


Needless to say, there are many great movies that were created during that time, and too many to even begin to list. One of my favorites, though, is RoboCop, made in 2014. Though the graphics are good, and everything in it is ridiculously improbable, it is still a great film to lighten the mood and make one remember the old days…
Instead of giving a description of the full movie, I will only go over the reasons why it is such a fun movie to watch.

Though I didn’t realize it at first, the reason I loved this film so much was that RoboCop never really failed. Yes, he does get beaten up a little by another giant robot, but even then he still seems to come out on top. Unlike Spiderman and Batman, who’s films always have about 30 minutes of failure, RoboCop keeps him always on the winning side. You may think this doesn’t really create a very dynamic and entertaining movie, but somehow it works.

robocop-2014It is such a great feeling to watch RoboCop online free shooting the bad guys with such ease, and never getting hurt. What Spiderman movies and the like do too much is focus on the villain alone. There don’t ever seem to be the good ol’ wallopings that a super hero is known for, between some boneheaded theifs and the masked hero. RoboCop, on the other hand, immediatly starts off with a fun and great fight to save a woman. And these types of battles are spread out throughout the movie to ensure you won’t be let down.

I do not want to ruin a great movie for you, and so I will withold anymore information and details about the plot. If you do not mind seeing some of the robots moving in stop action paces, and keep in mind that this film was made when special effects were limited, you won’t be let down. And you know it won’t have a depressing ending, either.